Consider using StoneShine on your natural stone project, we are confident you will be completely satisfied with our professional courteous service & quality of work. At StoneShine we specialize in Cleaning, Polishing, Sealing, Restoration & Maintenance of natural stone surfaces like Marble, Travertine & Granite.
Our specialties are not just limited to the aforementioned; other specialties are Granite Crack Repair, Marble Honing, Lippage Reduction, Bullnosing, Spall Repair, Hole & Crack fillings. Other natural stones we work on are Slate, Limestone & Flagstone.
Our services are tailored to the Home owner, Business owner and/or Property manager who desire a professional, competent & knowledgeable company who is properly licensed, bonded & insured. We work on floors, walls, countertops, kitchens, bathrooms on interior & exterior areas for both residential & commercial.

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StoneShine Restoration Reviews

StoneShine is the Best, Most Reliable, Dependable and Professional Marble Polishing and Travertine Cleaning Company in Los Angeles!

I hired stoneshine several years ago to restore my marble, travertine and limestone, the estimator was so knowledgeable that out of 5 estimates I went with them. I was quite impressed with the whole experience! They showed up on time, did a really good restoration, cleaned up all the mess, and even clean and sealed my granite kitchen countertops for FREE!! Johann showed me how to maintain all my stone without the hassle of going to the store and buying cleaning products all the time. I then decided to hire them for yearly service. I had always taken care of my floors myself because of past experience with so-called "stone experts". Juan Carlos, my stone specialist is super knowledgeable, does a great job on travertine cleaning and polishing marble. Keep up the professional top notch customer service stoneshine!!

- Elaine in Rolling Hills Estates, CA   pros: Reliable, Great Prices, Excellent Experience

Most Reliable Restoration Service in Palos Verdes!

Stoneshine has been servicing my travertine floors for the last couple of years and I have to say without a doubt, the service is excellent! When my travertine floors start to get dull I pick up the phone, they always answer, and send a stone specialist here within 24 hours!!! Roger does a great job cleaning, polishing and sealing my travertine and never skips our service like past services we have used. Most of the restoration companies I have used prior have been very flaky and unprofessional and untrustworthy. I highly recommend Stoneshine to anyone with natural stone floors like marble, travertine or granite countertops here in Palos Verdes. *****5 star

- co. Anastasia, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA AnastasiaLM09

StoneShine Offers Fair Prices and EXCELLENT Customer service! Reliable!!!

GREAT Service!! Fair Prices!
I have a home in Irvine, I Definitely Recommend Stoneshine to anyone with travertine floors, marble walls and granite countertops. stoneshine was referred to me by my brother in Mission Viejo who hired them to polish and seal his marble and limestone floors. I was getting estimates from other companies but hired Stoneshine since my brother raved so highly about them. The gentleman who came to give us the estimate was so knowledgeable and answered all my questions thoroughly I decided to go with them, their estimate was not the lowest, but the most professional company I met with. We signed the contract and two days later Stoneshine showed up on time, prepped all the area before starting to work, and made no mess and no noise. Now, all my marble and travertine look like new! Thank you Stoneshine for such a professional restoration!!!!

- (Chase in Irvine) ChaseIrvineOC56

Amazing Stone Restoration Company in West Hollywood !!!

I am not very good at this but my stone maintenance company is great. I am very impressed with their stone cleaning services. First of all, the owner has been very kind to me. Kindness is the most important marketing tool, I believe. Johann is always cheerful and respectful. He is very prompt in getting back to me and the stone specialist is very professional. My marble floor was just installed last summer and Stoneshine has been taking care of it ever since. I have never had one incident or any issues with them. This company is really on the ball! the way they repair and polish marble is top notch...I definitely recommend this floor polishing company to anyone that has marble floor cleaning needs at their house.

- in West Hollywood

Best Travertine Polishing Company in all of Orange County!!

I am entirely satisfied with the services I have received from Stoneshine. I hired them about two years ago after repeatedly paying my old stone people to service my travertine floors. The stone specialist from Stoneshine found out why travertine floor was getting little holes popping up everywhere, every other company that I got an estimate from was outrageously expensive and looked very unprofessional, Stoneshine suggested adding an epoxy compound to cover the holes to prevent water from penetrating the travertine causing further damage, the epoxy compound matched the color of the travertine and allowed cold water to flow through it instead of the water zipping through the holes when being cleaned! This solution was the most inexpensive and cost effective of all; every other company I called had no solution and simply didn’t know what to do. Now it’s been two years and the problem didn’t reoccur thanks to the knowledge of Stoneshine stone experts. After experiencing this excellent service I fired my old maintenance person to clean my floors each month and I can honestly say it's never looked better!. Keep up the great service StoneShine!!

- Ken J. Dana Point

Most Professional and Knowledgeable Marble Polishing Company in Los Angeles County!!!

I've had prior problems in the past from other marble polishing service companies that look at my marble problem and the initial problem does not get repaired, and in most cases the other "service" company(s) did not return to fix the several problems that I've had in the past. I feel most are intimidated by floor or natural stone repairs regarding flaking flagstone or chipped marble or cracked granite. Stoneshine has repaired my marble floors in the first visit. The company has very knowledgeable employees. Also, I have purchased some new marble tiles over the last four years or so and I've had better results in the overall look of all my marble stone ever since I hired this company. My thing has always been to spread good recommendations anytime I find an outstanding company or service. stoneshine. <--the best by far!!

- Jared, Claremont   pros: a stone restoration company that you can depend on!

Impressive Travertine Polishing Service and Maintenance Company

I have been using Stoneshine for just over a year now. Initially, I called them to troubleshoot why my travertine tile was cracking, my service company at that time did not do repairs. The serviceman showed up on time, found the two problems, gave me an estimate which I approved and came back the same day to finish the job. I was so impressed I fired my previous company and hired stoneshine to take over the yearly cleaning, sealing and polishing of my travertine floors. They never miss a beat! Services are consistent, floor and bathrooms always look great! They actually go the extra mile to make their customers happy, satisfied and pleased with their workmanship and professionalism. Keep up the good work and I will continue to refer you to my friends! ~ Thanks stoneshine!

– On time, fair prices, reliable service   *pros:*

Most Professional A++++ Natural Stone Restoration Company in Newport Beach!

I must compliment the professionalism and quality displayed by all those who work for stoneshine. I am retired and recently purchased a home with a pool in Newport Beach. The house had a pool which needed a lot of work because the marble tiles surrounding the pool were plagued with calcium deposits form hard water. Stoneshine deep chemically cleaned my pool, they diamond sanded the marble to get rid of all the etches and scratches, they hone buffed the marble surround to a high gloss finish and also matched and replaced some missing marble tiles. They also really went out of their way and hired another company to Remove all the old equipment and install a state of the art wireless automated system with a salt and calcium chlorinator. The final result is spectacular! stoneshine was competitively priced, and they completed the project on time and to my satisfaction. We truly feel that we made the best choice with stoneshine and we enjoy our swimming pool and spa every day. Also, they always answer my questions and return my phone calls timely. I have been receiving consistent yearly service by Juan Carlos who is doing a wonderful job!

- Bradley, Rancho Santa Margarita
PROS: prompt, professional, on time, courteous

Outstanding Travertine Polishing Service!!>

I am very pleased to provide this review for our stone cleaners. I work 4 out of 7 days a week, all day. On my 3 off days I simply do not have the time to spend cleaning my travertine floors. I have three kids, a wife, 3 dogs and a mother in law living with us. That takes up all of my free time. In addition, I do not want to screw around with my expensive and unique travertine floors with granite and marble inlays. I would rather trust that job to a professional stone specialist like Stone Shine. To date, our travertine floors and granite countertops has been consistently clean. No problems whatsoever. We are just very pleased with his company. I highly recommend them to clean your travertine floors, walls and countertops.

- Sgsaviranch, Manhattan Beach

Very reliable marble and travertine cleaners in Orange County !!!

We are very happy with this stone cleaning company. We have hired them for the past 4 years and have never had any problems. Our stone specialist is always cheerful. And the stone by the pool is always clean. The owner was kind enough to make a personal visit to our house. He gave us very personalized service. We are always impressed with their service. We cannot say enough about the professionalism of this company. You won't regret using them if you are looking to get your travertine polished.

- Robert, Yorba Linda, CA computerguy2009
PROS: Very Reliable/Dependable


I cannot thank STONESHINE enough for really helping me out of a bad situation. I am very happy to provide this review for them. I fired my last marble cleaner because of really poor professional work. My marble floors were a complete mess ever since they applied a wax coat or topical sealer, it looked like the floor had nail polish on it, it was the worst nightmare and the worst thing I ever did to my floors, that company didn’t know what they were doing!!!. I wish I could post a before and after picture of my marble floors. Just to give you an idea, the marble floor look like it had a transparent plastic film on top and dirt visible on the bottom. As a result, I fired that company for messing up my expensive marble floors and advised all of my neighbors to do the same because he was servicing their floors too. I care too much about my neighbors. My one neighbor was using stoneshine and was happy with their services. I called stoneshine the next day and spoke with Johann. He was so nice over the phone with me. I cannot thank him enough for his kindness. Johann immediately arranged for his worker to come to my house to fix the problem. Johann made me feel like I was a priority. He gave me top notch treatment. The Sstoneshine worker fixed the mess and did an immaculate job!! I just love my marble floors, they look better now than when I first installed them at my house. I referred him to my two other neighbors and now at least 4 of us in the neighbor are using STONESHINE. We are all delighted. Again, I cannot thank them enough for their fast, 1st class, outstanding treatment of me and my floors.

- Candice S. Tustin Ranch, CA Candice Scott
PROS: Outstanding Service Overall!!

I Have the Cleanest Travertine in Irvine !!!

stoneshine is a great travertine cleaning service. My floor looks always clean. These floor cleaners are the best. My former travertine cleaner Ernie was a real loser. Stoneshine was like a breath of fresh air! I wish to personally thank Johann the owner for his complete first class professionalism. This guy is really the best.

- Juan V. North Tustin juanvillalosa
PROS: Very Professional at Affordable Prices!!!

STONESHINE Fan from Newport Coast !!!!

I am so happy that we were referred to stoneshine for our marble and travertine service maintenance. My former floor cleaner Gene was not doing a good job at all. He was always late. He would always leave the door wide open. He would sometimes leave a mess. One time Gene left a muriatic acid gallon open on the pool deck after he left and my two year old almost got into it. His services were TRAAAGIIIIIC!!!! After stoneshine took over the floor cleaning services, I cannot say enough about how clean the travertine floors look. stoneshine is so professional and diligent. They always close the door too and pick-up after them. I love the follow-up from them too regarding how they are doing. Please keep up the good work. If Gene is your stone cleaner, get rid of him and go with STONESHINE!!!

- MacGyver fan, Newport Coast. Timwells
PROS: Overall Exceptional Service

StoneShine Goes the Extra Mile!

My granite floor has been dull for some time. The company who serviced it is long out of business and it’s been quite the feat to get anyone out here that knows about polishing granite floors. I called and spoke with the manufacturer in Orange and they gave me the phone number to stoneshine stating they are the experts. I called, they came out and the service technician Juan Carlos was very knowledgeable explained what the problem was and how my granite floors could be restored. The price was very reasonable and it looks great since! Juan Carlos advised me what products to use on my granite floors and countertops. It's just hard to find a good stone restoration company and stoneshine is my company for life!!

- Judith M. Fullerton sillwee1forewe

The Most Professional Stone Specialists in Newport Beach !

Being in real estate I often need to utilize stone specialists to restore and maintain the marble, granite and travertine service until we sell the home etc. The companies I have used in the past are flaky and unprofessional. This year I was referred to stoneshine by another realtor I work with who has been using this company for her personal home for years and recently their entire bank foreclosed properties with marble, granite and travertine stone tile. I have sent stoneshine to almost 2 dozen properties and with each one they always keep the lines of communication open with me delivering quick estimates and reporting to me the status of each property including the ones I need emergency service on. They are knowledgeable, professional, easy to work with and very reliable! I highly recommend stoneshine to everyone I sell to with marble or travertine floors.

- Cyndi Thomn Remax Realty Newport Beach ocremax1
PROS: most profpsoessional pool service!

Very happy Yorbalinda resident

I wish to thank stoneshine for providing great floor restoration service. I have serviced my own marble floors and granite countertops for the past 7 years. What was I thinking? I never was placing the right amount of sealer on the floors and countertops. The kitchen countertops had mold by the faucet area a lot of the time. It sometimes over smelled and had a lot of calcium deposits around the sink area. I saw stoneshine in this site and decided to give them a try. Been using them for some time now and WOW! I am a happy Yorbalinda resident. My floors and countertops are the cleanest and clearest it has been in the longest time and within the first week of their service! I can't thank them enough!. Thank you.

- John in Yorbalinda, California John Vasquez
PROS: Happy Yorbalinda Resident

The Best Floor Service in Laguna Niguel!!!

I won't say much here except that stoneshine is the best floor service I have ever used. My friend sent Johann (the owner) to me because I could not keep cleaning my travertine floors. I just don't have the time anymore to do it. Plus, I just wasn't putting the right amount of sealer in it. Johann had one of his guys come to the house promptly. Just a week after I hired stoneshine, my floors and bathroom walls are so nice and clear that you could sleep on them. I am also buying a sealer from them. Johann gave me a fabulous price. stoneshine is a very professional stone service company, just what I want to handle my travertine floors and walls. No more losers for me. Please keep up the great work. Look forward to having you guys service my home for years to come. A++ service!!

- Bob Delaney
PROS: Damn Great

STONESHINE is the Premier Granite Floor and Countertop Cleaner for Me!!!

I highly recommend this company to clean and polish your granite floors. stoneshine literally saved me thousands of dollars from a floor disaster. My last floor cleaners were complete losers. I cannot clean the floors myself because of my busy schedule and I would not know what to do. My last floor cleaners were horrible. They were always messy. The left a mess behind all the time. The floor was not always polished the right way, it didn’t look shiny enough and you could still see the scratches and etches not completely removed. The last guy actually stole (or accidentally took) some of my cleaning supplies. However, stoneshine has been a breath of fresh air to me for the past 2 months of service. Johann the owner has been good to us. Always receptive to our phone calls and always there if we have needed him. He really knows his stuff. Very cordial and professional. It has been a delight to have them as my floor cleaners.

- Billie Vargas, Hermosa Beach

I Recommend This Floor, Tile and Grout Cleaning Service Company in Orange County...

I am very impressed with stoneshine. My prior travertine tile installer cheated us out of finalizing our floors by not sealing them. stoneshine was initially a referral from my neighbor (was swears by this company). Johann the owner personally came down to my house, quoted me a great price, and completed the sealing work of my travertine timely. Johann also quoted me a fee for yearly service and I have been using them since July. Johann really saved us from a potential floor disaster. THANKS JOHANN! You are awesome!

- DianneLatine, Laguna Beach OC
PROS: Prompt, professional, and kind

The Best Marble Floor Service I have Used in the Past 10 Years.

The best marble floor service people I have used in the past 10 years. Been a resident of Orange County and have used 6 different companies before stoneshine. stoneshine is the best to date. The owner Johann has been professional and courteous and the prices are fabulous. Highly recommend them

- unbelievable2009
PROS: Excellent service overall

Customer Service Satisfaction

I had a problem with my stone cleaners. I called to have it serviced and the gentlemen did a great job! This company was on-time, there was no mess, the technician was very knowledgeable and the fees were reasonable. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. Thank you!

- Jenifertabares, Hollywood Hills

Best Marble Cleaner in Laguna Beach Ever!

stoneshine is outstanding. I have been using them for the past 3 years and am very impressed with their service. The owner was extremely professional and courteous. I have referred this company to many of my friends out here in Anaheim Hills and they are very satisfied with their service. My floor is always nice and polished and they always take that extra step to please us. I personally enjoy their good manners and their personal attention. Last month I had a wedding reception. I called Johann the owner and had the floors polished real fast and at a great price. Johann has always been very professional with us. Johann and his staff are real experts in marble cleaning, sealing and polishing, service and repair. I truly recommend this company to anyone who owns expensive marble or travertine floors. Bottom line:  always go with a referral, and stoneshine is a great referral. Thank you for your excellent service and I look forward to your future years of continued excellent service. Your client forever.

Michael V. Laguna Hills,
Pros: Professionalism; excellent service

Entirely Pleased With StoneShine!

Very nice and impressive company image and employees! Excellent workmanship, quick turn around and no hassle! Now my travertine floors looks new again. I will refer you to all my friends with marble, granite or travertine floors!!  Good luck and Thank You!

- John R. Diamond Bar, CA  

Best Travertine Services in ALL of Orange County !!!

I am quite impressed with the professionalism and promptness of service from stoneshine. They are not only affordable, but fair in every way I can think of. The promptness of their service is something I really enjoy because they show regard and respect for your time.  There are quite a few stone service companies in the area, but none like stoneshine. They do what they promise, fair prices and most importantly, I consider them the experts in sealing and polishing natural stone services. Instead of being disappointed by another company, you should call Johann and have him come clean and polish your marble floors. They go anywhere in Orange County and Los Angeles County as far as I know, but call and you'll know. You won't be disappointed.

- Villie L. Huntington Beach
Pros: Excellent service, prompt, professional, affordable

Here is a Floor Restoration Company that You can Truly Rely On!

StoneSHine is the best floor cleaning and polishing outfit I've ever dealt with. Have dealt with them for in excess of five years and have rarely had any issues; when we have, they've been diligently attended to by the company.  Both their cleaning and maintenance have been exceptional. Rate them very highly for integrity and reliability. Most highly recommend them (and have in past) to anyone in the area.  

- SteveShatynski Yorbalinda


I am truly impressed with the level of service and professionalism this company extends to us customers. I began using stoneshine about two years ago after switching over to travertine floors. They are the most professional tile service company to date I have dealt with. My travertine floor is sealed and polished every year like clock-work and when I get home I am always delighted. Neat, clean, on time, affordable! I highly recommend stoneshine to anyone with expensive travertine floors in their home ….Thanks for the service STONESHINE!!! …you are THE BEST!!!!  

- LarryFranklynII Rancho Mirage, palm desert

Excellent Service Company in Los Angeles County !!!

Dear Johann, I wish to thank you for the superior service you have, and are, giving us. I have had marble floors since 1985 and have never received better service. Your staff is prompt, courteous and knowledgeable. My marble floor has never looked better. A++++ Sincerely,

- Donald Hensarling Pasadena
Pros: Service Oriented, Prompt, Courteous, Knowledgeable

Five Star Company, Great Service and Quality Workmanship!

Folks it doesn't get any better than STONESHINE. I will definitely recommend you to others. Thank you Johann,

- Phil Schmidt, Rancho Santa Margarita

StoneShine Gets Things Done on Time. They're very Courteous and Friendly.

Every time my wife and I have had any concerns with our travertine floors stoneshine is swift to resolve our issues. They are professional, nice people and importantly to us they are trustworthy. They have answers to our questions and if they ever need to get back with us, they do so ASAP. We've recommended stoneshine to several of our friends for polishing and sealing any kind of natural stone like marble, granite and travertine. Their stone specialists are presentable and friendly as well and follow directions if we ever have specifics (when we're gone for vacation and what not). We did our homework and shopped around in order to save money on floor maintenance service and repairs. I found stoneshine gives quality service and has the best prices in town. Those two things combined make for one heck of a natural stone service company. My marble Floors and granite countertops have never looked better. I highly recommend these fellows.”

Shawn, Newport Coast
Pros: Prompt service, consistent, reliable and friendly


STONESHINE service is superb! Johann and his crew are like going back in time to that good old fashion customer service! My travertine floors had given out and I called stoneshine to have someone come out and look at it for me. Within 24 hours Johann was out at my place, had the crew in hand and it was a done deal!!! Yes, that quick!!!!...their prices are not the lowest but this company really knows what they are doing. The next day I received a call from them following up on the repair of my travertine tile. What service! They are an AWESOME crew! Not only did they repair, I was extremely pleased with the service (with a smile) and shocked to have a following up call on the work that was done. I have since switched all my stone restoration polishing and sealing service to them which has saved me money and frustration in all 7 of the houses I own, I would call a company and get put on their waiting list. With stoneshine it was a whole different experience. I called; they showed up and fixed the problem within 24 hours. I would highly recommend stoneshine to all of my friends and family. They are a very friendly, honest, dependable, and reasonable company.”

– Gina Gabriel, West Hollywood

Great Service from STONESHINE in Coto de Caza!!!

We received a few estimates in restoring our marble and travertine floors, and by far stoneshine won us over with there competitive price, service and dependability. Roger and his crew came and restored all our floors in only one day as compared to at least 3 days that the prior companies took, WOW! Thank You for everything.”

– erbx Coto de Caza
Pros: excellent Service

A Floor Polishing Service You Can Rely On!!!  

Oh my God, there really is a floor service company that you can rely on. I have hired several companies before always changing to the next but never have I been as pleased with the work performed by stoneshine. I really enjoy my travertine floors more now than ever before. They are prompt, easy to talk to and very efficient. I am very happy with their service and would recommend them to my friends.”

– Sylvia Dwayne, Trabuco Canyon


Complete satisfaction! Is what I have received from stoneshine. I found this company through the local phone book I receive here in Beverly Hills, CA. Since hiring stoneshine almost 2 years ago they have been impressing me and I can honestly state they are head and shoulders above the rest!! yearly floor service never skips a beat. The stone specialist man roger is so polite. The marble and travertine repairs were top notch. My friends who saw the pool before the restoration and after insist that the marble with granite inlays it's been replaced not restored. Keep up the good work guys! I would and will refer this company to anyone!!!”

- H.T. Thompson, Beverly Hills
Pros: Polite Crew, Prompt Repairs, Quick Response

Dependable Service

I've had several floor service companies in years past. Most are nice people, and friendly but lack in other areas... It’s been my experience that STONESHINE excels in their business. They are friendly, accountable and dependable. As far as I’m concerned, they have no competition.”

– Rocio Cisneros, Rancho Cucamonga

Most professional

I must compliment the professionalism and quality displayed by all those who work for stoneshine. I am retired and recently purchased a home with a pool in Fullerton. The house had a pool which needed a lot of work and full equipment upgrade. stoneshine diamond sanded the black marble in my pool, matched and replaced some missing marble tiles. The final result is spectacular! stoneshine was competitively priced, and they completed the project on time and to my satisfaction. We truly feel that we made the best choice with stoneshine and we enjoy our swimming pool and spa every day. Also, they always answer my questions and return my phone calls timely. I have been receiving consistent quarterly service by Roger and Mario who are doing a wonderful job!”

– Lewis Jr. Solis , Fullerton
Pros: professional, courteous, timely, reasonable

AWESOME Service!!!

As far as I am concerned my marble floors were totally destroyed and ready to be replaced. I called stoneshine, and Johann answered. He had me e-mail them some pictures, as he thought maybe it wasn't totally fried. He took the time to check the pictures out, and e-mail me what was needed. Very quick response also. I hired them to come in and do the job thinking that they were wasting their time and mine. They wouldn't accept any money for helping me over the phone and via e-mail. And the price they charged me was absolutely amazing; I have never met a company this honest!!! I'm coming back to them AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!. Top notch.”

– Mr. Sourson de Pilla, Irvine

Entirely pleased Burbank customer!

Stoneshine is a pleasure to work with. From the initial phone call to the appointment very courteous. We called stoneshine in March 2007 after our floor maintenance company quit showing up and our floors, bathrooms, showers and countertops started getting really bad. Jeff came out and as soon as we agreed on the price of the job he immediately started the work without delay. They have been excellent about calling me back when I have questions and in following up, showing up, and doing a great job for us!! I have already referred stoneshine to several friends and a neighbor who are also pleased. You guys are the best! Thanks Jeff and Brian”

– Yorbalinda

Best of the Best in Orange County!

I have used many marble tile repair & service companies over the last 20 years and I can finally & honestly say, I have found the best of the best. I first called Johann at stoneshine on a recommendation from a neighbor. The stoneshine service employee is an A+ and my floors consistently look better than it ever has. The price was totally reasonable and included a one year guarantee. I received service by an stoneshine employee who was very experienced, polite and a true professional. Was Johann just trying to sell me his services? Not at all! I give stoneshine my highest recommendation as a very professional, knowledgeable, reasonably priced, and totally honest marble polishing and sealing company. They are a firm that cares what you think of them. And my compliments to its owner, Johann, a real gentleman.”

– Steven, Yorba Linda

New Meaning to the Word "Service"!

“We were very impressed with the service we received when we recently had to replace our travertine and marble floors in our home. The previous company ruined them and we suit them, Johann came out to take a look and said that replacement wasn’t needed but it was already too late for us, we contacted many companies, but stoneshine was the only one who visited our home, made suggestions and having done so left the final decision to us. Many questions followed, and answers were always forthcoming, with the result that we decided to use stoneshine for the job of maintaining our travertine and marble floors every year. From giving the go-ahead to the job being completed was less than 24 hrs - excellent service I would say. We are absolutely delighted with the professionalism shown even after the job was completed and would have no hesitation in recommending stoneshine to anyone!”

– Dwayne Duke, Huntington Beach
Pros: SERVICE is what they sell

StoneShine Provides Incredible Service!

“I've never written a review on here before; I don't feel as though anything was good or bad enough for me to. Until I started using stoneshine. I don't believe I have ever been more satisfied with a floor maintenance company in all the years I've had to use them! stoneshine does fantastic work and trust me; you too will be more than pleased. They are courteous and punctual and never miss a spot! My marble floor and travertine tile is ALWAYS stunningly clean! I simply love knowing that I can depend on them in in any situation regarding my marble floors. Their work is masterful and brilliantly done!”

– E. Macklin, Newport Coast
Pros: Thumbs up all the way! Courteous, professional, punctual, pleasant, FAN TASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Superb floor service

 “We have been using STONESHINE since 2004 and have rcvd fantastic service. Anyone can pay a fly by night floor guy to sweep the floor and seal the countertops; however, STONESHINE has taken their service to a professional level. I realize owning travertine and marble floors is a luxury that comes with expenses. The owner of stoneshine not only answered our questions, he explained the reason why certain services were necessary and others weren't. He also explained basic preventive maintenance of our floors which in the long run has saved us time and money in repairs, etc. It's reassuring to have an expert we can trust and rely on as opposed to what has become the shady and questionable norm for the industry. We gladly recommend their service to anyone.”

– Carlos Valderrama – Walnut
Pros: Very knowledgeable, professional and reliable.

Prompt Service and Affordable!

“STONESHINE is a fabulous floor polishing and sealing company, and I highly recommend their service to anyone in the San Bernardino area with an expensive marble or flagstone floors. My husband and I tried to take care of our floors hiring other companies but became burdened by their mistakes and lack of knowledge. We were hesitant to outsource, but decided to give stoneshine a try. We are soooo elated that we did. The service has been incredible! The floors have become more of an enjoyment for us as opposed to a chore. We go outside every day to a beautiful view that we know is being well taken care of for such a reasonable price. When we have had a question about the stone, stoneshine always returns our calls right away, and takes care of any issue for us, they do it quickly and at an affordable. Thank you STONESHINE for making our lives a little easier! We give you 5 stars and 2 thumbs up!”

– Rhonda Lee Newman, Rancho Cucamonga
Pros: Great service, affordable pricing

Here’s Your Review: A+

“As customers of Orange County’s STONESHINE since 1997, we feel it's about time to let you know how we feel about your company. We are now in our second home here in California and can't thank you enough for the great consistent floor services you and your knowledgeable employees provide. Our questions and concerns have been handled promptly and with the utmost professionalism and explained in terms that are understandable to those of us who are not in this field of expertise. Your service department has always been most pleasant, courteous and helpful in answering our questions. They are neat in their work and clean up afterwards which a lot of companies fail to do. We look forward to many years of the same great service. Have a nice year!!”

- Mrs. Sydney Simpson, Lake Forest

The Most Fantastic Service in Orange County!

“I couldn't be more satisfied with the services I am receiving from stoneshine!!! They answer the phone! Show up when they are supposed to! Do what they said they will do! Are courteous, knowledgeable, and professional! Of all the floor service companies I have hired, THIS COMPANY IS THE BEST!!! Thank You”

– Matty Burglund, PalmSprings
Pros: conscientious, professional, pleasant experience!!

StoneShine Will Work With You.

“I have owned two homes in Orange Country for over 20 years. In those 20 years I have had over 5 different floor service companies to maintain the marble and flagstone in both homes. STONESHINE is the ONLY company that has maintained the floors as they should look. They communicate with me if and when any situation comes up that may require additional work on the floors. If the tenants have dogs and are not cooperating with the maintenance they let me know ASAP before the floors get bad. They notify me when other work is needed, if any. There invoices are readable and up to date. I would recommend them if you need someone that cares about not only the floors but about us clients! Thank you.”

– Chuck Harris, Remax Real Estate, Palos Verdes

Chino Hills STONESHINE!!!

“We were having a large party involving family and friends for my daughter's wedding on a Saturday, earlier this year in February. I woke up early to prepare the back yard and noticed that the pool people had left behind a 5-gallon bucket of acid wash which got spilled on my flagstone by my big German Sheppard. I tried my pool guy, no answer. I remembered that I had filed a post card that I had received in the mail a month prior from a company called STONESHINE, just in case I ever needed to polish and seal my floors.. I called and a young man named Johann answered. He said he would drop everything and come right over. I wasn't holding my breath. Within 45 minutes my doorbell rang and within an hour from my phone call, I had the whole stoneshine crew working or picking the spill and restoring my floors before the arrival of the bride and groom. I was so impressed that I switched my yearly floor service to stoneshine as well. It's hard to find this level of service anymore. I sure am glad I kept that post card. You saved my day, Johann.”

- Drew Martin, Chino Hills
Pros: Service, service, service! They're there when you need them!!

Excellent Service in San Fernando

“I have a 20 year old marble floor and finally, some of it isn't worth repairing any longer. I got STONESHINE’s name from my brother who just had his floors and countertops redone by stoneshine. I simply sent a picture of my existing floors, outlined what I wanted to do and within a day, I had a list of stuff and a quote. Since I live in the Diamond Bar, I didn't think they would come this far north, but they did. I set up the restoration for the following weekend. Roger showed up on time and did a great job of restoring all of the old and beat-up marble. The job is very clean and looks spectacular and all of the old stuff was taken away. I couldn't be more pleased. All of the floors are looking beautifully and I look forward to many years of maintenance service from them. Highly recommended.”

- G. Timbers, Diamond Bar
Pros: Very professional. Answered all of my questions    Cons: None due to STONESHINE. My location in LA makes service a bit difficult but not impossible

Rocket Scientists Worked on My Marble Floors!!!

“These guys are the best and I demand a lot from anybody that I pay for service. I just wish Johann and his crew could fix my cars and handle my insurance! If more businesses operated the way STONESHINE does, the world would be a better place. I'd like to make a strong point about the knowledge on this crew: I don't bump into too many 'service' companies that have the industry knowledge that these guys do. We're talking 'rocket scientists', I really mean it. I don't want to become an expert on marble floors and travertine countertops, that's what I'm paying them for. Johann + crew: thanks again, and again, and again!!!”

- James Remington, Fountain Valley
Pros: dependable, professional, trustworthy, fair    Cons: they don't fix cars, but I wish they would!

Finally, a Floor Tile Cleaning Business I Can Rely on....

“I've received pretty great service to my floor tile needs and also experienced great customer service when I have any questions. Consistent and pretty friendly too. STONESHINE simply offers services I’m not used to with other companies. They'll have me as a client for years to come. Good work guys!”

– Stephen Siato, Irvine Tustin

Excellent Customer Service Company!

“I have utilized the services of stoneshine since year 2000, almost 8 years. I can honestly say I have never had a snag with with them. All the employees have been extremely courteous and professional!!! When I call, someone answers the phone and the two times I have needed to leave a message I get a quick reply! When my stone breaks down they have always come out within 24 hours to fix it. You don't get great service like this anywhere else!! 5-stars HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!”

– Y. Langel, Santa Monica
Pros: timely, courteous, professional, reliable company!!!

Very Impressed!

“I 1st contacted "Johann" about my frustrations with travertine cleaning service providers in the Chino area. stoneshine responded and restored my "flamed out" travertine with extremely friendly & professional service. The price for the work done was very fair and at no time were we pressured into anything we didn't need. We also signed on for yearly floor maintenance service as well! My floors have NEVER been so bright! (My 2 labs love it too) If you live in the Chino/Chino Hills area, I highly recommend STONESHINE!!!...”

– Chin Ofam, Chino Hills

Most Professional in the Business

“I was referred to stoneshine by a friend who was referred by a friend. No one else in the business pays attention to details and my friend concurs. I live in Newport and stoneshine restored my travertine floors. Additionally, I tried to get other floor service companies to bid and no one else seemed to know what they were talking about. A lot of BS out there IF they showed up. Yes, I wasted a couple of Saturdays waiting for brand X or brand Y Company. I will say without reservation that stoneshine service is the best there is. I was happy to find this site and express my satisfaction.”

- Dan Norris, Newport Coast
Pros: professional, top rate product and service knowledge.

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