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“Video testimonial from one of our very happy customers in Orange County”

Mrs. Brennan could not believed how great her marble floor restoration job looked after more than 20 years of not having anything done to it. We are glad that she is happy with the results that we were able to provide for her. We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to showcase our natural stone restoration skills. Sometimes the best thing to do is to leave it to the professionals as you can create more damage if you try doing it.

Travertine Floor
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Marble Travertine Floor & Counter Repair & Stain Removal

A polished and sealed marble, cultured marble or travertine surface can still be vulnerable to etching and stains. Marble Repair may be needed from stains and etching from foreign substances like acids and chlorides that erode away the sealer protecting the natural stone if left unattended for long periods of time. the only marble repair known method to fix this type of damage is diamond sanding marble or resurfacing natural stone. These marble stains and marble etching can be prevented just by sealing your marble or travertine surface after it is cleaned and polished. However any natural stone surface can still not be completely resilient against preventing acid or oils spills from being absorbed by the stone. It is very important to know that any polished and sealed natural stone surfaces like marble and travertine can still be vulnerable to etching and stains after sealed.

A natural stone sealer does not give 100% protection 100% of the time. Given enough time foreign substances erode away the sealer. Unfortunately and contrary to popular belief a natural stone sealer does not give 100% protection 100% of the time. and create damage to the surface of the stone. A good marble impregnator or natural stone sealer is crucial to helping keep stains and etching from occurring.The best policy to avoid expensive repairs in your marble or travertine stone surface is to wipe out any spills immediately after they occur, do this by simply blotting the area where the spill happened with water, this helps you prevent spreading the spill even further.

“Marble, travertine repair and restoration is a very detail-oriented & meticulous process, for good results to be achieved there needs to be a periodic maintenance of the natural stone floor or countertop surface. Having the experience, the skill and right human element it is an art in itself, it means the difference between a fairly decent repair job and a work of art. We can make it look almost like new”

At StoneShine we believe in doing things right from the first time to avoid more problems and expenses to our customers further down the road. Putting in the skill and experience into a natural stone repair job will help us achieve the best results. Our goal is to help our customers achieve the best possible look on their natural stone surfaces. To be able to facilitate that we have our technicians train through a rigorous program until they fully learn the skill of how to properly repair cracks, stains and chips on natural stone materials like marble and travertine. After this training program is completed our technicians are then certified. Follow-up evaluations are regularly done in the field to ensure consistency in the quality of our marble travertine repair jobs. At StoneShine, we are rated the #1 marble & travertine restoration and repair company in Los Angeles & Orange County. We also serve San Bernardino, Riverside Palm Springs in the Inland Empire, San Fernando & San Diego.

“Crack and chip damage on marble and travertine countertops can happen for a variety of reasons, the most common one is water absorption.”

There is no other material that can compare to a perfectly polished marble or travertine countertop, its beauty can be shattered by a chip or crack. Water absorption is the most common factor in creating this type of damage in natural stone surfaces. With the new wave of natural stone materials has also come a severe lack of knowledge on how to maintain marble and travertine surfaces looking at their best. It is very important to know that moisture inside a rock will weaken and fragment its rigidity and integrity causing chips or cracks to appear. We specialize in marble and travertine etch and stain removal using the best, most effective proven methods in the industry. count on US, we’ve got you covered!

Marble Travertine Floor Countertop Chip & Crack Repair…

We carry the latest and greatest state-of-the-art natural stone repair equipment and materials in every one of our natural stone repair service facilities. Broken and cracked travertine or marble tables can be easily fixed using proprietary repair methods and also other methods learned in the industry. We at StoneShine Restoration believe in constant training and new-improved ways that facilitate us to make a better repair job, in less time to pass the savings on to you without sacrificing job quality. Marble tables and countertops that crack in half need special kinds of repair, these types of repairs can sometimes take days to do correctly. We use epoxy color matching compounds to assimilate the patterns and characteristics of the natural stone. Using flowing epoxy compound we are able to fill in the hole and then cover them with travertine colored epoxy to match the surrounding area.

“A periodic natural stone maintenance program is crucial in always keeping marble and travertine surfaces looking shinny, vibrant and alive”

Keep a good maintenance program according to your needs to avoid having to restore your floors as often. The more you wait, the more work it will take to restore a marble floor or countertop to its pristine original finish and condition. This means the difference between having to pay for restoration work vs. maintenance. Our Phone lines are always available to answer your questions.

“We can also repair cracked and broken marble or travertine pieces, like tables, countertops and even statues. Give us a call to find out more…”