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At StoneShine, we are rated the #1 natural stone cleaning company in Los Angeles & Orange County. We also serve the Inland Empire, Palm Springs, San Fernando & San Diego. Having a proper sealing care maintenance program for slate floors in your home will ensure its longevity as well as the key to a nice and vibrant look.

Slate is compared to granite because of its hardness, density, sturdiness & resilience to the elements. It is used mainly for exterior surfaces. Slate requires good care and maintenance Though. Flagstone is not as resilient as slate it softer. when flagstone forms it does so in layers, that’s why flagstone flaking is so common. We suggest that you hire a reputable Slate & flagstone cleaning company for the treatment of your stone. Use only slate cleaning products that are PH neutral on your slate and flagstone. these will preserve and not corrode the surface of the stone. StoneShine specializes in natural stone care and maintenance, we use the right kind of sealer for every type of stone. Call us and book a free estimate today!


“Slate and other natural stone cleaning is better left in the hands of certified and trained professionals with experience in the field of natural stone restoration, trying to clean it yourself can make its appearance sometimes worst”

That’s why cleaning slate floors is better left in the hands of a natural stone restoration professionals. At StoneShine we take pride in being experts in granite cleaning, simply put it is one of our best specialties! normal cleaning procedures are not effective in granite etching and stain removal, this cleaning is better left in the hands of the best qualified, expertly trained granite restoration professionals.

In the case of water and other foreign substances like acids and chlorides that can cause severe damage to natural stone we recommend blotting the affected area with water to prevent spreading the stain and further damage to the stone. In either case the best precaution is to clean the affected area with the proper granite cleaning solution. There are many effective granite cleaning solutions in the market these days specializing in many types of slate and natural stone surfaces.

“Having a natural stone care & maintenance program can save you thousands of dollars in the long run”

Apply warm water over a soft clean sponge ringing out any excess water until the sponge is barely damp. Gently wipe the slate surface and dry it with a clean soft cloth. If the granite surface is extremely dirty then gently cleaning with a damp sponge is not sufficient, call one of our offices and schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.

“Attempting to fix the problem yourself without the proper skill and know-how can worsen it.”

The best way to avoid stains and etching on slate is simply sealing your slate showers, floors and countertops. A good slate sealer is crucial to avoid stains & etching. keep in mind that sealers will not completely prevent stains & etching from occurring, they act as retarders to prevent the staining from occurring immediately after contact. Sealing slate floors is better left in the hands of natural stone sealing professionals. Unsealed slate surfaces exposed to water for long periods of time can cause excess moisture to penetrate the stone causing surface cracks and sometimes irreversible damage.

Excess water penetration can cause disintegration of the rock also known as pitting, when this happens chips star to appear and flaking begins to occur on the surface. In either case the best precaution is to seal the flagstone with the proper sealing solution. There are many sealers and sealing solutions in the market these days specializing in slate.

The best way to avoid stains, etching and peeling on the surface of the slate floor is simply sealing. A good slate sealer is crucial. Keep in mind that sealers will not completely prevent stains & etching from occurring, they act as retarders though and it gives the home owner enough time to get pick up the spill or wipe the mess. Its good common practice to clean spills immediately after, you do this by blotting the spill as opposed to wiping it, as wiping it will only spread it therefore spreading the damage. It is also good to seal the flagstone surface after it’s been cleaned. Sealers will keep most moisture & foreign substances from penetrating the stone as easily as opposed to without it. Keep in mind that natural stone sealers are not the ultimate protection against stains.

ATTENTION: natural stone sealers do not give you full protection against to oils and acid spills, therefore it can’t be guaranteed that the natural stone surface will not get damage again if it is misused or uncared for after it is sealed. we can recommend a few tips, give us a call!

“When sealing slate floors use only products which are VOC compliant to avoid poisoning from airborne exposure or other issues when you come in contact with the slate surface.”

Look for manufacturer’s instructions in the back of the product specifically indicating that is safe to use on natural stone surfaces. When sealing granite use only products which are VOC compliant. These type of sealers will penetrate into the granite and protect the natural stone from within rather than creating and outside layer. We recommend spraying the sealer on the floor or countertop surface with a spray bottle and then using a squeegee to spread the sealer around before wiping off any excess.

“Periodic cleaning & sealing is essential in maintaining slate surfaces looking at their best. Preparation is the key, proper care of the surrounding areas is very important before starting a slate cleaning job. We cover and protect all sensitive areas before starting a job”. Taking the proper care of a slate before it is cleaned will ensure the area will look better without damaging its surroundings, baseboards, stainless steel, cabinets, etc. We know how important it is to protect these sensitive areas before we start a job, we waste no time being very meticulous about it. we take care of things, we know how valuable they are. We are natural stone restoration experts.

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